Escher.gif (426 bytes) History of the Atlantic Cable & Undersea Communications
from the first submarine cable of 1850 to the worldwide fiber optic network
Site Changes 2017
21 December Added short article by Liam Morris: The Maths Behind the Trans-Atlantic Telegraph Cable
29 November Updated the 1851 Dover-Calais Cable page with images of a newly-discovered cable sample and articles on the project
26 September Added photograph of the 1870 cable hut at Cap d'Antifer (Le Havre)
14 September Added 1891 article The Submarine Telegraphs of the World
3 September Added photographs and conservation information on the 1951 cable hut at Southport, Australia, for the 1902 Pacific Cable
27 July Added new photographs of CS Levant I and HMS Bullfinch
27 June Added story of Michael Mallia and the 1941 sinking of CS Retriever (3)
13 May Added article on the traffic on TAT-1 during its first four weeks of operation in 1956
10 May Added page on George W. Hook and the 1926 telephone cables between Britain and Europe
3 April Added story on a recently discovered 1858 Atlantic cable cane
16 March Added page on The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and the Commercial Pacific Cable
12 March Added page on Bell Telephone Laboratories Technical Reprints, a series of papers published beginning in the early 1920s which presented many significant advances in communications technology, including submarine cable design and operation
15 January Added 1866 paper by Edward Bright: Description of the Manufacture, Laying and Working of the Cables of 1865 and 1866; with an Explanation of the Means Employed for Recovering the Lost Cable of 1865.
3 January Added page on the landing of the 1858 Atlantic cable in Newfoundland, and the Atlantic Telegraph Company's station there.
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