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from the first submarine cable of 1850 to the worldwide fiber optic network
Site Changes 2016
13 October Added article by Stewart Ash to the Wildman Whitehouse section: Electrical Failure of the 1858 Atlantic Telegraph
7 October Added page on 1876 Society of Telegraph Engineers Conversazione
14 September Added images of original cable slip and telegram form for a message from Heart's Content to Newfoundland on 20 August 1858.
23 August Added watercolour painting by Roberto Hernández showing CS Mirror (1), CS Chiltern and CS Great Northern to the page for each ship
15 August Added page on the 1893 Repair of the 1870 Cienfuegos - Batabano, Cuba, cable
23 June Added page on the 1893 Anglo-Irish telephone cable
21 June Added watercolour painting of CS Mirror (1) by Roberto Hernández to the ship's page
12 June Added 1866 article by Fleeming Jenkin: Submarine Telegraphy - technical details of the design, manufacture, laying, and testing of the Atlantic cables of 1858, 1865, and 1866
3 June Added 1880 article by F.C. Webb: On the Direction of Lay of Cable Armouring Wires
22 May Added page on Robert Dudley, official artist for the 1865 and 1866 Atlantic cable expeditions
21 May Added paper by Alasdair Wilkie: “Route Clearance for Hibernia Express” - preparatory work for a new Atlantic cable laid in 2015
3 May Added link to page on William Elmgreen, who between 1927 and 1940 was an engineer on the Great Northern's cable ships in Shanghai, CS Pacific and CS Store Nordiske
23 March Added 1957 article on TAT-1: “Manufacture of Submarine Cable at Ocean Works, Erith
19 February Added pages by Bill Glover on CS Urmston Grange, CS Vanessa, CS Viking (1), CS William Cory, CS William Hutt
6 February Added new cable story: Letters to John Clement Cuff: Electrical Engineer, Eastern Extension, Australasia and China Telegraph Company, Singapore (1885-1890)
5 February Added page on the Eastern Extension Telegraph Company's Singapore Office, 1895
31 January Added new cable story: David Howard - The Gentleman's Game (1965)
23 January Added new cable story: David Howard - The Rescue of SS Lakemba (1967)
3 January Added page on TAT-6, 1976 Atlantic cable from USA to France
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