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from the first submarine cable of 1850 to the worldwide fiber optic network
Site Changes 2014
16 December Added page on 1867 French satirical plate
27 November Added new Cable Story - Nelson J. Perryman - “Around the World: A Career in Cables.” Cable consulting with Latimer Clark's London-based firm (1910-1915) followed by many years at All America Cables (1915-1950)
25 November Added My Connection with the Atlantic Telegraph by James Burn Russell. Transcription of sections of the manuscript journal of William Thomson’s assistant on the 1858 cable expeditions. An important source document, previously unpublished.
And Leaves from the Journal of an Amateur Telegrapher - published articles by Russell based on the experiences described in his journal.
25 November Added new Cable Story - Frank R. Crowther - Pacific Cable Board (1902-1911) and All America Cables (1911-1937). Includes “A Submarine Cable War Tale: 1917.”
9 November Added A Short Treatise on the Siphon Recorder, an early 1900s pamphlet which the Telegraph Construction and Maintenance Company published as a reference for its technical staff.
29 October Added link to Adrian Hilton’s Subsea 123 website, which includes detailed information on some of the cables he has worked on.
16 October Added cableship pages by Bill Glover: Landego, Nordkabel (1), Nordkabel (2), Poolster (2), Sørkabel, Stanelco (1), Telegraf, Telekabel
28 September Added page on the Great Northern Telegraph Company’s Annual General Meeting Reports for 1883 and 1884.
22 September Added page by Stewart Ash: Major Submarine System Suppliers (1850 -2012)
11 September Added article by Allan Green: A Meeting of Minds? Dr E.O. Wildman Whitehouse, Electrician to The Atlantic Telegraph Company and his relationship with Professor William Thomson during the development and construction of the first transatlantic telegraph cable 1857/8
1 September Added article: Laying the Shore End, Valentia, 23 July 1865
11 July Added page on CS Portena, later CS Contra Amiral Caubet
11 July Added page on the 1854 Portpatrick-Whitehead Anglo-Irish Cable
11 May Added page on a repair to the TAT-1 Cable in July 1959
26 April Added 1850 account of a visit to the Gutta Percha Company’s factory in Wharf Road
15 March Added page on the TAT-2 Cable (1959 Atlantic telephone cable)
9 March Added 1879 presentation by E. March Webb: An Account of the Operations Connected with the Laying of the New Marseilles - Algiers Cable
12 February Added new Cable Story - Ernest William Enfield - Great Eastern Atlantic cable expeditions of 1873 & 1874, and other voyages
10 January Added 1904 German map of the world cable network
8 January Added page by Bill Glover on Cable & Beam Wireless Rates from Australia, 1913-1947
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