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History of the Atlantic Cable & Undersea Communications
from the first submarine cable of 1850 to the worldwide fiber optic network

From the first submarine cable, laid in 1850, to the
present day fiber optic connections circling the world

Site Changes - 2003

30 December Added page on John J. Carty: Electrical Communications (1923) - a survey of radio and cable communications between the USA and the rest of the world at an interesting turning point in technology.
28 December Added page on Cyrus Field at the New-York Chamber of Commerce (1863) - promoting and fundraising for the next attempt at laying the Atlantic Cable
23 December Added page on HMTS Ariel with photographs from a member of the crew
12 December Added page on the 1900 Atlantic cable (Nova Scotia - Azores section)
6 December Added articles on the 1850 Dover-Calais Cable from Scientific American and The Living Age
23 November Added new page of Cable Route Maps - from the first Atlantic Cable to present
23 November Added a major update to Bill Glover's Australian Overland Telegraph page
15 October Added page on the 1860 Sweden-Denmark cable
12 October Added book review of Kenneth Silverman's Lightning Man: The Accursed Life of Samuel F.B. Morse
4 October Added book review of Gillian Cookson's The Cable: The Wire That Changed The World
10 September Added section on Early British Experiments in Submarine Telegraphy from Charles V. Walker's 1850 book on telegraphy
10 September Added new material to Bill Glover's cableship pages
6 July Added Bill Glover's Cable Timeline - a chronological record of submarine communications cables
1 July Added material by Bill Glover on the Central & South American Telegraph Company
17 June Added information on Skewjack Cable Station, Cornwall, to Bill Glover's Porthcurno page
17 June Added material by Bill Glover on CS Dacia, CS Minia and CS Mackay Bennett and the Titanic
31 May Added Submarine Cable Laying - 1898 Strand Magazine article by Archer Philip Crouch, C.E.
25 May Added Henry O'Rielly and the Russo-American Telegraph (1861)
13 May Added book review of L.J. Davis's Fleet Fire: Thomas Edison and the Pioneers of the Electric Revolution
10 May Added page on Charles Henry Baker and the Central & South American Telegraph Company, Barranco, Peru
10 May Added material by Bill Glover on the Malta & Alexandria Telegraph and Glass, Elliot's cableships
30 March Added material by Bill Glover on the Mediterranean Extension Telegraph Company
23 March Added the firsthand account of Captain Basil Combe of life on the cableships Silvertown and Dacia in the 1890s
9 March Added article by Bill Glover on the Anglo American Telegraph Company
5 March Added Marshall Lefferts at the American Geographical and Statistical Society - speaking in 1856 on The Electric Telegraph; its Influence and Geographical Distribution
1 March Added extract from Henry Field's book on The Recovery of the Cable in 1866
25 February Added 1900 Chandler Hale article on The Projected Cable-Line to the Philippines from The National Review
24 February Added 1892 article on The Submarine Cables of the World from Manufacturer & Builder
20 February Added Cyrus Field at the American Geographical and Statistical Society - speaking in 1862 on the Prospects of the Atlantic Telegraph
4 February Added 1886 Cyrus W. Field article on Government Telegraphy from The North American Review
2 February Added article by Bill Glover on Western Union
1 February Added Remarks of Mr Cyrus W. Field at the International Telegraphic Conference. Rome December 28th 1871
27 January Added article on another forgotten visionary - Joseph Hyppolyte Pulte and the land route to Europe (1849)
25 January Added article by Bill Glover on the German Cable Companies
17 January Added article by Bill Glover on the Commercial Cable Company
10 January Added article by Bill Glover on Cableship Bold Endurance
8 January Added Tiffany silver-mounted cable cane to the Souvenirs page

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