Escher.gif (426 bytes) History of the Atlantic Cable & Undersea Communications
from the first submarine cable of 1850 to the worldwide fiber optic network
Site Changes 2012
11 December Added page on 1875 Society of Telegraph Engineers Conversazione, Latimer Clark
26 October Added page on 1874 USA-Japan cable, proposed and surveyed but never laid
15 October Added new Cable Story - Captain H.W.M. Milne, Eastern Telegraph Company 1919-1955
9 October Added article on Mr. Henley’s Gigantic Magneto-electric Machines
30 September Added article by William H. Russell on the 1865 Atlantic Telegraph expedition
27 September Added page by Steven Roberts on John Connellan Deane
6 September Added article by Dave Boyle: Touching the Net - cables at Loch Awe, Scotland
6 September Added new Cable Story - John Curley, Purser on HMTS Monarch (4)
3 September Added John C Deane’s manuscript Diary of the 1866 Atlantic Telegraph Expedition
28 July Added new Cable Story - Robert Langley Boyd, Eastern Telegraph Company cableship captain
7 June Added page on the 1887 Porthcurno-Zante cable
15 May Added cableship pages by Bill Glover: Bankville, Loch Nevis, Miner VII, Ringdove, St Oran
6 May Added page on Rudyard Kipling's poem The Deep-Sea Cables, with illustrations by W. Heath Robinson
2 May Added page on the 1849 Folkestone Harbour cable
17 March Added page by Jan Verhelst and Bill Burns on the Commercial Cable Company Antwerp Station
6 March Added page on 1858 Atlantic Cable letter opener to the Memorabilia section
28 February Added page on the 1923 Commercial Cable Company Atlantic cable
24 February Added article Summary of the Progress of Submarine Telegraphy [1869-1894]
24 February Added checklist of Post Office Green Papers
19 February Added page on Eastern Telegraph Company Telegraph Cable Service Badge
17 February Added Wildman Whitehouse 1858 documents: Letter from a Shareholder and William Thomson letter.
17 February Added cableship pages by Bill Glover: Cecile Mapleson, Newton, Sprayville, X216
15 February Added cableship pages by Bill Glover: Holdfast, Latimer, Persephone, Sancroft
14 February Added new Cable Story - Grace Markham and the Great Northern Telegraph Company in WWII
8 February Added cableship pages by Bill Glover: Matai, Mernoo, Tutanekai
26 January Added cableship pages by Bill Glover: Amberwitch, Calcutta, Cospatrick, Kirkham & Assaye
17 January Added page on electrical power cables and how to tell the difference
17 January Added new Cable Stories - Karl Howard's account of drafting the cable corridor for ANZCAN
8 January Added 1849 article on early submarine cable experiments

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