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History of the Atlantic Cable & Undersea Communications
from the first submarine cable of 1850 to the worldwide fiber optic network

CS Kirkham & Assaye
by Bill Glover



Built in 1856 at Birkenhead

Length 201.1 ft  Breadth 34.1 ft  Depth 26.0 ft  Gross tonnage 1061

Chartered from J. Fleming and Company and fitted out for the 1864 Persian Gulf Cable Expedition.


Built in 1853 at Greenock

Length 161.3 ft  Breadth 29.1 ft  Depth 20.4 ft  Gross tonnage 1528

Built as a paddle frigate for the Royal Indian Navy and then purchased by Stewart and Company who removed the engines. Chartered for the 1864 expedition. Foundered off the West Coast of Ireland 28 January 1865 on the return voyage.

(for both, with Marion Moore, Tweed, Cospatrick - Amberwitch)

1864 Persian Gulf: Gwadar - Karachi
Gwadar - Cape Mussendom - Bushire - Fao

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