Escher.gif (426 bytes) History of the Atlantic Cable & Undersea Communications
from the first submarine cable of 1850 to the worldwide fiber optic network
Site Changes 2013
26 December Added further information on the Expeditionary Force Message service
18 December Added new section on 19th century souvenirs made from slices of cable
14 December Added 1859 article on the silver testimonial presented to F.N Gisborne in 1857 in recognition of his pioneering work on the Atlantic Cable project
12 December Added 1858 Charles Magnus Map of Trinity Bay, Telegraph Station of the Atlantic-Cable
30 November Added page on the 1956 opening ceremony for TAT-1, the first submarine telephone cable. Includes audio file and transcript of the official first telephone call over the cable.
6 September Added Engineering Facts and Figures for 1866: Atlantic Telegraph - an overview of technical details of the 1858, 1865, and 1866 Atlantic cables
3 September Added 1866 New York Times article: Affairs at Hearts Content–The Great Eastern–Her Officers, &c.
2 September Added chapters from Willoughby Smith’s book on the 1850 & 1851 Dover-Calais Cables
30 August Added article by Stewart Ash on an 1857 Atlantic Cable Pendant
13 August Added cableship page by Bill Glover: Elveshorn / Poolster (1) / Ingenieur-en-Chef Hanff
10 August Added 1925 Signal Corps article on the Alaska Cable System
31 July Added page on 19th Century Telcon Jointing Instruction Case
31 July Added page on Captain Jack Sleeth's Ohio River Cable at Paducah, Kentucky
20 June Added cableship pages by Bill Glover: A.B. Wood II, Peggy G
6 June Added page on The Safety Insulated Wire & Cable Company of New York
19 March Added page on the 1961 CANTAT cable
17 March Added page on the 1931 Miami - Key Biscayne - Fowey Rock Light US Coast Guard cable
17 March Added 1938 article on the history of the Simplex Wire & Cable Company
12 March Added cableship pages by Bill Glover: Cable Queen, Dickenson, Edourard Jeramec, George Ward, Lidiv, Robert C. Clowry
20 February Added page: “Was the Atlantic Cable A Humbug!” - a controversy fought in the pages of the Boston Courier in early 1859.
17 February Added cableship page by Bill Glover: Duchess Of Marlborough (later Mexican)
16 February Added cableship pages by Bill Glover: Emile Baudot, Guardian
15 February Added Commercial Cable Company at Le Havre
14 February Added cableship page by Bill Glover: Marie Louise Mackay
26 January Added article on the manufacture of the 1873 Rio de Janeiro - Para Cable
8 January Added page on 1858 Invitation: Atlantic Cable Grand National Ball, Clyde Hotel
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