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History of the Atlantic Cable & Undersea Communications
from the first submarine cable of 1850 to the worldwide fiber optic network

From the first submarine cable, laid in 1850, to the
present day fiber optic connections circling the world

Site Changes - 2002

27 November Added note on the Submarine Cables Trust (1887 document)
17 November Added article by Bill Glover on Cableship Faraday (1)
11 November Added articles by Bill Glover on Cableship John W. Mackay and cable company Italcable
3 November Added 1884 article: On The Causes Of Failure Of Deep-Sea Cables by James Graves.
6 October Added article by Bill Glover on Cableship Cable Innovator
30 September Added articles by Bill Glover on Cableship Monarch (5) and MV Dock Express 20
24 September Added article by Bill Glover on Cableship Nexus
19 September Added photograph of two versions of Cyrus Field's Congressional Medal, courtesy of Randy Cole
4 August Added article by Bill Glover on Ascension Island and the cable station
13 July Added full text of R.S. Newall's 1882 pamphlet: Facts and Observations Relating to the Invention of the Submarine Cable
9 July Added page for sample case of the 1877 Marseilles to Bona cable
27 June Added review of John Steele Gordon's new book A Thread Across the Ocean
17 June Added articles from the children's magazine Robert Merry's Museum (1858)
9 June Added article by Bill Glover on Cable Rates & Services
1 June Added: On Submerging Telegraphic Cables - report on a paper presented on February 16, 1858, to the Institution of Civil Engineers (London)
25 May Added article by Bill Glover on the Porthcurno Cable Station
24 May Added article on Horatio Hubbell, a forgotten cable pioneer
24 May Added images and text of an original letter from Sir Daniel Gooch describing the loss of the cable on the 1865 Great Eastern expedition
22 May Added new article to Bill Glover's history of Cable & Wireless
18 May Added new section for cable equipment
5 May Added: London And North Western Railway Telegraph Rules And Regulations - scans of 1871 employee handbook
26 February Added 1877 memoir by Peter Cooper on The Laying of the Ocean Cable
24 February Added 1890 article on the 1883 Cadiz-Teneriffe cable: With a Cable Expedition by Herbert Laws Webb
13 February Added article on the French Cable Station Museum at Orleans, MA
2 February Added article by Bill Glover on British Submarine Cable Manufacturers
31 January Added new material to the Stamps pages.
31 January Added a new page on Cable Companies
24 January Added article on the 1869 French Atlantic Cable, with stereoviews
1 January Added note on the manufacture of the 1850 Channel cable to the Submarine Telegraph Company page.
24 December 2001 Added Sarony, New York, CDV to the Cyrus Field page.
1 November 2001 Added Watkins, London, CDV of Field to the Cyrus Field page.

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