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History of the Atlantic Cable & Undersea Communications
from the first submarine cable of 1850 to the worldwide fiber optic network

CS Levant I


Image courtesy of David Warwick

Built in 1889 by D. Macgill & Company, Irvine, Scotland

Length 100.8 ft.  Breadth 20.6 ft.  Depth 10 ft.  Gross tonnage 141

Built for the British Steam Trawling Company as the trawler W.E. Gladstone. Purchased in 1900 by the Eastern Telegraph Co., and fitted out for cable work around the Greek Islands. The suffix ‘I’ was added when CS Levant II came into service.


1906 Milo - Kimolo
1915 Chio - Lemnos

Removed from cable service in 1920 and sold to G. Angelidis and Perris of Piraeus.

1920 Renamed Vrontados and registered in Piraeus 
1930 Sold to Vagiannis & Kairaktidis and renamed Petros Kairaktides
1937 Sold to Ν. Mazarakis, renamed Κythira
April 1941 Seized by the German Navy and armed as patrol boat designated 12V5. 
1942 Designated coastguard ship with pennant GA.02
1944 Sunk in Volos in 1944. After the war she was salvaged and repaired as Κythira
1963 Sold to K.Samiotakis & Co.
1964 Sold to Α. Alifragkis
1970 Sold to P. & Α. Karaiskakis.

Her demise remains unknown.

Thanks to site visitor Aris Bilalis for the history of the ship after 1920.

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