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History of the Atlantic Cable & Undersea Communications
from the first submarine cable of 1850 to the worldwide fiber optic network

Stamps and First Day Covers - Atlantic Cables
AC Cover 01.jpg (66590 bytes) 1933accover3.jpg (66631 bytes) 1933accover.jpg (22603 bytes)
1933 - Cover for the 75th Anniversary of the 1858 cable. 1933 - 75th Anniversary cover.
Closeup of cachet
1933 - 75th Anniversary cover.
Closeup of cachet
1933accover4.jpg (63701 bytes)
1933 - 75th Anniversary cover.
Closeup of cachet
1933 - Cover for the 60th Anniversary of the 1873 cable
Closeup of cachet
1933 - Cover for the 70th anniversary of the “Laying of the Second Atlantic Cable, June 23rd, 1863”
Presumably from the same maker as the 1933 cover top left above, this one is for a non-existent cable, as the second Atlantic cable was not completed until July 1866
  1941accover1.jpg (57643 bytes)  
  1941 - Cover for the 75th Anniversary of the 1866 cable
Closeup of cachet
1958 Full Sheet (248159 bytes) AC Cover 05.jpg (94286 bytes)

AC Cover 06.jpg (204070 bytes)

1958 Full Sheet.
Scott catalog #1112
Cover from "The Laboratories" letter, showing Cyrus Field, the 1858 telegraph cable, and the 1956 TAT-1 telephone cable.
The enclosed letter is signed by Nelson Upthegrove, Nels Youngstrom, Ralph Gretter, Al Hale
1958 letter sent out by "The Laboratories"
Thanks to Sheldon Hochheiser, AT&T Corporate Historian, for confirming that the four signers of the letter were on the staff of Bell Telephone Laboratories in 1958.
  Large Stamp Image (124851 bytes)  
1958 Stamp,
Artist: George Giusti
1958acpostcard1.jpg (78527 bytes) proof.jpg (63653 bytes)
1958 Velvetone Maximum
Card by Edwin P. Haworth:
1958 Salomons postcard 1958 USPS proof card with photographic image of stamp
From the Velvetone Card: "Stamp is 0.84 by1.44 inches in dimension, arranged horizontally,
printed in a reddish purple by rotary press, electric-eye perforated and issued in sheets of fifty"
AC Cover 04.jpg (72288 bytes) ac cover 09.jpg (52629 bytes) ac cover 07.jpg (47778 bytes)
1958 Artmaster FDC 1958 Lowry FDC 1958 Anderson FDC
ac cover 08.jpg (43528 bytes) AC Cover Fluegel.jpg (60040 bytes) AC Cover 02.jpg (74935 bytes)
1958 Fleetwood FDC 1958 Fluegel FDC 1958 Artcraft FDC
ac kolor kover.jpg (28980 bytes) ac tricolor cover.jpg (38029 bytes) AC Cover 03.jpg (54453 bytes)
1958 Kolor Kover FDC 1958 Tricolor FDC 1958 Farnam FDC
accovercc.jpg (70662 bytes) 1958acrcover1.jpg (50295 bytes) 1958painted.jpg (39605 bytes)
1958 Cachet Craft FDC 1958 American Cable & Radio Corporation FDC.
Click for a close-up of the cachet and information on the cableship All America illustrated on the cover.
1958 Painted FDC
1958 Eiffel Tower FDC, strangely irrelevant to the cable 1958 Ben Kraft FDC 1958 hand painted FDC
1958 Van Ohlen FDC 1958 Majestic FDC History of the U.S. in Mint Stamps
card with 1958 stamp.
Reverse of card
  1978 FDC commemorating the 1866 cable with a 1958 stamp  
Original 1958 covers with modern cachets overprinted
Images courtesy of Bill Glover
Click on the image for the full story Click on the image for a large picture and the story program1.jpg (32756 bytes)

1982 British stamps for Information Technology Year

Click on the image for a detailed description of the artwork and the stamps.

Souvenir Card with 1958 stamp

This souvenir panel, issued in 1985, is strangely inaccurate.  The cable was brought ashore in Newfoundland, not "New York, New York".  This was the third attempt to lay the cable, not the fourth. The message from Queen Victoria to President Buchanan was not sent on August 5th, and it took over 16 hours to transmit, not 67 minutes.

The Atlantic Cable centennial
stamp first day of issue
ceremonies program.

August 15th, 1958
General Post Office
New York, New York

Click on the image to see all
four pages of the program, plus a
high-resolution image of the
facsimile front page of the
New York Times for Tuesday, August 17th, 1858, which was included with the program.


2008 Eire cover
HMS Agamemnon and USS Niagara mid-ocean,
preparing to lay the 1858 Atlantic Cable

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