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History of the Atlantic Cable & Undersea Communications
from the first submarine cable of 1850 to the worldwide fiber optic network

Cableship Stamps - A

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Agamemnon Guinea Bissau.jpg (55031 bytes)


Guinea Bissau 1976 2p

Built 1852, Royal Naval Dockyard, Woolwich (London)

Length 266 ft Breadth 55 ft Depth 24 ft Gross tonnage 3100

90 gun ship of the line which fought in the Crimean war. Fitted with twin screws as well as sail. Loaned by the Royal Navy to lay the half of the 1857 and 1858 Atlantic submarine telegraph cables manufactured by Glass, Elliot and Co.

USS Niagara was loaned by the US government to lay the half manufactured by R.S. Newall & Company.


1857 Valencia (Ireland) - Trinity Bay (Newfoundland) {Failed due to loss of cable}
1858 Valencia (Ireland) - Hearts Content (Newfoundland)

Eire 2008 82c

HMS Agamemnon and USS Niagara mid ocean, preparing to lay the 1858 Atlantic Cable.

Alert Ascension 18p 1988.jpg (33403 bytes)


Ascension 1988 18p

Built 1961, Fairfield Ship Building & Engineering

Length 417 ft Breadth 54.7 ft Depth 22.6 ft Gross tonnage 6413

Owned by the General Post Office and then British Telecom Marine when privatised. Based at Southampton for maintenance of Atlantic cables. Scrapped in 1995 when Cable & Wireless took over British Telecom Marine.


1961 CANTAT 1 Corner Brook - Grosses Roches, Canada section
1962 Lancaster - Colwyn Bay (UK)
1963 UK - Denmark
UK - Germany
UK - Holland
1962 SCOTICECAN Scotland - Iceland section
1963 TAT 3 USA - UK
1966 US Virgin Islands - Venezuela
1968 UK - Holland
1969 UK - Portugal
Greece - Italy
1970 UK - Spain
1971 UK - Germany
Scotland - Shetland Islands
1972 UK - Holland
UK - Belgium
1972 UK - Guernsey
USA - Bahamas
1973 CANTAT 2 UK shore ends
UK - Denmark
1975 UK - Holland
1975 Italy - Israel
1981 TAT 7 Surveyed route
1986 UK - Belgium (First commercial fibre optic cable)
1989 UK - France 3

Alsace Monaco 95c 1965.jpg (47009 bytes)

Alsace Senegal 60f  1965.jpg (34395 bytes)


Monaco 1965 95c

Senegal 1965 60f

Built 1939, Chantiers & Ateliers de St Nazaire

Length 288.1 ft Breadth 39.9 ft Depth 17.6ft Gross tonnage 2092

Cable repair ship owned by the French PTT. Laid up in Algiers 1939 - 1942 then based at Dakar relieving CS ARAGO. Based at La Seyne sur Mer after the WW2 to maintain Mediterranean cables. Sold for scrap in 1974


1957 Marseilles - Algiers

Ampere (2) Senegal 80f 1977.jpg (46679 bytes)


Senegal 1977 80f

Built 1930, Ste Provencale, La Ciotat

Length 300.4 ft Breadth 41.1ft Depth 23.7ft Gross tonnage 2434

Cable repair ship owned by the French PTT. Fitted with stern sheave on port side. Based at La Seyne sur Mer maintaining Mediterranean cables until 1939. Taken over by the Germans in 1942 and scuttled by them in Marseilles harbour in 1944


1931 Marseilles - Bizerta
1932 Marseilles - Oran
1938 Marseilles - Bizerta
1939 Marseilles - Oran

Ampere (3) France 20+5c 1960.jpg (29662 bytes)


France 1960 20+5c

Built 1951, Chantiers de Normandie, Grand Quevilly

Length 299 ft Breadth 41.4ft Depth 16.8 ft Gross tonnage 2100

Cable repair ship owned by the French PTT. Based at La Seyne sur Mer for the maintenance of French Atlantic cables. Kept in service until 1983. It was intended to preserve the ship as a Telecommunications Museum at La Seyne sur Mer, but this idea was abandoned and the ship was scrapped in 1985.


1956 Tunisian coast Qelibia - Bou Ficha
Denmark - Holland
1957 France - Algeria
1958 TAT 2 French shore ends
Sardinia - Corsica two power cables
1961 UK - France two power cables

Seine_Ascension_3p_1979_small.JPG (10526 bytes)

Anglia Ascension 8p 1979.jpg (35182 bytes)

Anglia Ascension 15p 1999.jpg (33146 bytes)

Anglia Cocos 65c 1985.jpg (30580 bytes)

Anglia St Helena 30p 1999.jpg (38052 bytes)

Anglia Nauru 20c 1977.jpg (23023 bytes)Anglia Nauru 7c 1977.jpg (23705 bytes)


Ascension 1979 3p, 8p

1999 15p

Cocos (Keeling) Is 1985 65c

Nauru 1977 7c, 20c

St Helena 1999 30p

Built 1898, Vickers Ltd, Barrow in Furness

Length 467 ft. Breadth 54.25 ft. Depth 27 ft. Gross tonnage 6514

Cable laying ship owned by the Telegraph Construction & Maintenance Company and sold by them in 1906 to T.W. Tamplin & Company for commercial trading and renamed ITONUS. Sunk by torpedo in 1916 when owned by the British India Steam Navigation Company.


1899 Cape Town - St Helena
Ascension - Cape Verde Islands
Gibraltar - Malta - Egypt
Commercial Cable No 4
Germany - Azores - USA
1900 Fanning Island - Fiji
Fiji - Norfolk Island
Norfolk Island - Australia
Norfolk Island - New Zealand
Ascension - Cape Verde Islands
Azores - Ireland
1901 UK - Canary Islands
Sierra Leone - Ascension
South Africa - Mauritius
Mauritius - Rodriguez Island - Cocos (Keeling) Islands
Ireland - UK
England - Madeira
Madeira - Cape Verde Islands
1901 Canada - New York
New York - Ireland
Ireland - England
1903 Honolulu - Midway Island
Midway Island - Guam
Guam - Philippines
1905 Azores - Ireland

Angwin Barbados 10c 1972.jpg (31678 bytes)


Barbados 1972 10c

Built 1952, Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd

Length 318.3 ft. Breadth 41.2 ft. Depth 19 ft. Gross tonnage 2530

Built for and owned by Cable & Wireless used for cable repairs. Named after a C&W chairman, Sir Stanley Angwin. Three tanks with a capacity of 18,850 cubic feet of cable were fitted. Three bow sheaves of 3'6" diameter were fitted, but no stern sheaves. Based at Singapore where she relieved CS RECORDER (2) and used for cable repairs. In service until March 1971 when she was laid up. Sold for scrap in May 1972 to Belgian shipbreakers.

See also the main page for the STANLEY ANGWIN.

Arago New Caledonia 200f 1993.jpg (37851 bytes)


New Caledonia 1993 200f

Built 1882, Sunderland Ship Building Company

Length 320 ft. Breadth 42.4 ft. Depth 28 ft Gross tonnage 3342

Owned originally by W.T. Henley Telegraph Works and named CS WESTMEATH. Chartered in 1887 to La Societe des Telegraphes Sous-Marin to lay cables in the Antilles. Sold in 1892 to La Societe Industrielle des Telephones and renamed FRANCOIS ARAGO. Sold out of the cable world in 1914 to La Compagnie Francaise de Marine et Commerce and then renamed PERONNE


1892 Marseilles - Oran
1893 Australia - New Caledonia
1895 Madagascar - Mozambique
1896 New York - Haiti
1897 France - Cape Cod (USA)
1898 Cape Cod - New York
190? Madagascar - Reunion
Reunion - Mauritius
French Indo China - Borneo
French Indo China - China

Ariel Qatar 2d 1971.jpg (43735 bytes)


Qatar 1971 2d

Built 1939, Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd

Length 251.6 ft. Breadth 35.25 ft. Depth 16.3 ft. Gross tonnage 1479

Owned by the GPO. Built primarily as a cable repair ship. But also used to lay short cables. Sold in 1976 when replaced by CS MONARCH (5)


1940 Jersey - Pirou
UK - Guernsey
1953 Holyhead - Dolymount cable. Installed two repeaters
1954 Sicily - Malta
Lowestoft - Scheveningen (Two cables)
1958 Bournemouth - Jersey
1960 Marske - Gothenberg shore ends
1961 CANTAT 1 UK shore ends
1962 Colwyn Bay - Isle of Man
1973 CANTAT 2 UK shore ends

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