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History of the Atlantic Cable & Undersea Communications
from the first submarine cable of 1850 to the worldwide fiber optic network

Memorabilia & Ephemera

1858 Ribbon: Atlantic Cable Celebration, Albany, New York

Atlantic Cable
Albany, September 1, 1858

Saddle, Harness
Trunk Makers

Image courtesy of and copyright © 2009
Robert A. Brindza,
Lakewood, Ohio

This souvenir ribbon for the 1858 Atlantic cable, dated September 1, 1858, was issued in Albany, New York on the same day as the celebration in New York City. Thanks to site visitor Robert A. Brindza of Lakewood, Ohio, for providing the image of his ribbon.

As there’s no obvious connection between the Saddle, Harness and Trunk Makers and the Atlantic Cable, it’s likely that this was made as a promotional piece for a group of local merchants.

The ribbon’s maker is not marked, but the enterprising vendor in Albany also issued a similar ribbon with an image of Benjamin Franklin, connecting his electrical experiments to those of Morse, Field, and Bright, three of the principals in the Atlantic cable concern. Other ribbons sold at the time had various themes, from portraits of Cyrus Field to symbols of America and Europe.

—Bill Burns

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