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History of the Atlantic Cable & Undersea Communications
from the first submarine cable of 1850 to the worldwide fiber optic network

Tyco (now SubCom) Cable Ships
by Bill Glover


Tyco placed orders for four new cable ships to be delivered in 2001 and 2002 with an option for a further two for delivery in 2003.

All were built to the same specifications by Keppel Hitachi Zosen, Singapore.

Length 139.1 m Breadth 21.0 m Depth 7.8 m Gross tonnage 12184.

Duties cable laying, cable capacity 5000 tons. The six ships are known as ‘Reliance Class” vessels.

Tyco Reliance built 2001, now CS Reliance
Tyco Responder built 2001, now CS Responder
Tyco Resolute built 2002, now CS Resolute
Tyco Dependable built 2002, now CS Dependable
Tyco Decisive built 2003, now CS Decisive
Tyco Durable built 2003
, now CS Durable

The company also operates CS Global Sentinel and BC Teneo.

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CS Tyco Reliance at the Global Marine Systems Depot,
Portland Harbour, Dorset, England

© Bill Glover, UK 2003

Following a re-organization in 2007, Tyco International split into two new companies; one of these was Tyco Electronics, which included the cable division. In 2011 the new company was renamed TE Connectivity of which TE Subsea Communications was a division. Consequently, “Tyco” was dropped from the ship names. The company subsequently became TE SubCom, and is now SubCom.

In 2015 CS Resolute laid a new Atlantic cable for Hibernia Networks, Hibernia Express, and in October 2017 the company completed the Marea cable from the USA to Spain.

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