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History of the Atlantic Cable & Undersea Communications
from the first submarine cable of 1850 to the worldwide fiber optic network

CS Cable Innovator
by Bill Glover


CS Cable Innovator at sea

Built 1995 by Kvaerner Masa Yards, Turku, Finland

Length 145 m Breadth 24 m Depth 8.5 m GT 14277

Built as the flagship of Cable & Wireless (Marine) Ltd. Transferred to Global Marine along with the rest of the C&W fleet. Carries up to 8000 tons of cable.

CS Cable Innovator data sheet at Global Marine (July 2021)

Compare these recent photographs with the ones at the bottom of the page from ten or more years ago.

Below: CS Cable Innovator at Ogden Point, Victoria BC, Canada.
Images courtesy of and copyright © Peter Spalding, June 2022

Below: CS Cable Innovator at Ogden Point, Victoria BC, Canada.
Images courtesy of and copyright © Lesley Lewis, July 2021


1996 Asia Pacific Cable (APC): Taiwan - Hong Kong - Singapore - Indonesia - Malaysia - Thailand - Philippines
1996-7 Indonesia - Australia
1997-8 FLAG: Palermo, Sicily - Mara, Japan
1998 PAN AMERICAS: Chile - Ecuador - Panama - Colombia - Venezuela - Aruba - St. Croix - St. Thomas
1998-9 JIH: Japan Information Highway
1999 SOUTHERN CROSS: Australia - New Zealand - Hawaii
2000 Japan-USA (Laid 5000 km)
2001 TAT 14: USA - Denmark - Germany - Holland - France - England - USA
2001 CHINA-USA: USA - Guam - Okinawa - China - Taiwan - China - Korea
2001 Japan-USA (Laid and buried 880 km armoured cable)
2001 EAST ASIA CROSSING: Hong Kong - Taiwan - Korea - Japan - Taiwan - Hong Kong
2004 Norway - Svalbard. (2 cables)
2005 Grand Bahama - Bimini
2008 TPE: USA - China - Taiwan - South Korea
2009 JAKABARE: Java - Kalimantan - Batam Island, Indonesia - Singapore
2009 I-ME-WE Section 1: India - Yemen - Saudi Arabia: Pakistan, Fujairah, UAE

Below: CS Cable Innovator in Portland Harbour, Dorset, UK.

Photograph shows the 4m diameter stern sheaves; bow sheaves are not fitted.
The 'A' frame used for launching ROVs can also be seen.

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Photograph bows view © Bill Glover, UK

CS-Cable-Innovator-SternE.jpg (50963 bytes)

Photograph stern view © T. F. Watson, UK

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