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History of the Atlantic Cable & Undersea Communications
from the first submarine cable of 1850 to the worldwide fiber optic network

Great Eastern Atlantic Telegraph Expedition 1866

IET Archive Photographs for reference only.
Not to be published, copied, or distributed.

1. Great Eastern S.S. entering Hearts Content Bay. Newfoundland.

“entering” has been crossed out by hand and “Cable Station Close to Church” written in.

2. View of Upper Deck of Great Eastern showing Troughs for conveying Cable from Tanks

3. Showing the Cable as it enters and passes through the Machinery, after leaving the Trough which conveys it from the Tank

4. A Sectional View of No. 3, showing the large Brake-wheels and the Cable as it passes four times round the Drum-wheel.

5. Showing the Dynamometer used for indicating the amount of strain on the Cable, and the Cable as it passes over the stern.

6. General View of paying out Machinery, seen from the stern of the Ship, showing the Cable, &c. as when being paid out.

7. Sectional View of No. 6 so as to show the working parts of the Machinery on a larger scale.

8. The picking up Machinery, situated near the bow of the Ship, showing the Grappling-rope round the Drum as when in use.

9. Same Machinery as No. 8 taken from the opposite side.

10. Showing the Bow-sheevs and the Grapnel-hook that brought up the Cable of 1865.

11. View from the bow, showing the Buoys, &c., especially the Large one, which floated with 13 tons weight attached.

Handwritten note: “The standing figure is Capt. Halpin”.


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