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History of the Atlantic Cable & Undersea Communications
from the first submarine cable of 1850 to the worldwide fiber optic network

CS Global Sentinel
by Bill Glover


Built by Levington Shipbuilders Ltd., Singapore

Length 144.78 m.  Breadth 21.6 m.  Depth 11.3 m.  Gross tonnage 13201

CS Global Sentinel at Victoria, BC, Canada, October 2007
Image courtesy of and copyright © 2007 Lesley Lewis

Launched 12 October 1990, completed 1991 for Transoceanic Cable Ship Co. Inc (a subsidiary of AT&T). Diesel electric propulsion consisting of 3 Wartsila 12 cylinder engines driving 3 generators connected to electric motors. Four thrusters, 2 for’rd, 2 aft.

Sold to Tyco Submarine Systems Ltd (now TE SubCom) in 1997 and based at Baltimore for Atlantic Ocean repair duties. Sister ship to CS Global Link and CS Global Mariner.

CS Global Sentinel at Victoria, BC, Canada, October 2007
Image courtesy of and copyright © 2007 Lesley Lewis


1991 TPC 4: Manchester, California - Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada - Chikura, Japan
1993 SEA-ME-WE 2: SEGMENT 3 Djibouti - Saudi Arabia - Suez
SEA-ME-WE 2: SEGMENT 6 Egypt - Cyprus
SEA-ME-WE 2: SEGMENT 7 Egypt - Turkey
HAW 5: San Luis Obispo, California - Keawaula, Hawaii
1997 APCN: Pusan, Korea - Miyazaki, Japan - Toucheng, Taiwan - Batangas,  Philippines - South Lantau, Hong Kong - Mersing, Malaysia - Changi,  Singapore - Phetchaburi, Thailand

ALASKA UNITED: Seattle, USA - Whittier, Alaska: Whittier - Valdez - Fairbanks, Alaska: Seattle - Juneau via branching unit.

2007 MARS: Monterey Accelerated Research System.
Consists of 52 km of power and fibre optic cable laid in Monterey Bay, terminating in a 5-ton node containing earthquakes sensors and low light cameras etc.

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