History of the Atlantic Cable & Undersea Communications
from the first submarine cable of 1850 to the worldwide fiber optic network

CS Calabria
by Bill Glover


CS Built in 1857 by S & G Thompson Ltd., Glasgow

Length 338.5 ft  Breadth  42.1 ft  Depth 20.9 ft  Gross tonnage 3231

Originally named Australasian and renamed when purchased by Telcon in 1877. Fitted with three cable tanks with a coiling capacity of 35,500 cu ft. Twin paying out machines were fitted forward, and one aft. Twin bow sheaves and one stern sheave were installed. In service until 1898 when sold for scrapping.


Capt. L. Bowen:

1877 Marseilles, France - Bona, Algeria
1877 Bona, Algeria - Malta

Capt. A. Hyde:

1879 Aden - Zanzibar
1879 Zanzibar - Moçambique
1880 Hong Kong - Bolinao, Philippines
Capt. A. Kellett:
1884 Aden - Bombay
1884 Tonkin - Hue, French Indo China (Vietnam)
1884 Hue - Saigon, French Indo China (Vietnam)
1884 St Vincent, Cape Verde Islands - Pernambuco (Recife), Brazil (2)

Capt. J. Kennedy:    

1891 Aden - Bombay No. 3
1892 Marseille, France - Bizerte, Tunisia

Capt. W.R. Cato:

1896 Greetsiel - Borkum - Vigo


Capt. L. Bowen:
1877 Carcavelos - Gibraltar
1877 Porthcurno - Carcavelos
Capt. H. Manning:
1878 Maranham - Pernambuco
Capt. W.R. Cato:

1866 Atlantic cable


Capt. H. Manning:
1881 Transporting troops and horses to Cape of Good Hope. 2 trips February and September
1882 Transporting troops and horses to Egypt
Capt. A Kellett:
1882 Transporting troops to Egypt
1883 Transporting troops to Egypt. 2 trips March and May
1885 Used for condensing seawater into drinking water at Suakin, Sudan

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