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History of the Atlantic Cable & Undersea Communications
from the first submarine cable of 1850 to the worldwide fiber optic network

CS Anglia
by Bill Glover


Built in 1898 by Vickers Ltd, Barrow in Furness

Length 467 ft. Breadth 54.25 ft. Depth 27 ft. Gross tonnage 6514

Built for the Telegraph Construction & Maintenance Company as a cable layer with four cable tanks with the following capacities. No 1 tank 35,159 cubic feet; No 2 tank 36,133 cubic feet; No 3 tank 26,164 cubic feet; No 4 tank 23,250 cubic feet.

A double paying out-picking up machine was fitted on the main deck forward of the No 1 tank hatch and a single paying out machine fitted aft. Two bow sheaves and one stern sheave, all 3 ft 6 in. in dia were fitted.

Sold in 1906 to T.W. Tamplin & Company for commercial trading, retaining its name. In 1907 sold to Archibald Curries & Co., Melbourne and renamed Itonus. The British India Line acquired Curries in 1913. Torpedoed and sunk on 16 December 1916, by U38, 70 miles off Malta while on a voyage from Marseilles, France to Sydney, Australia.


Captain W.R. Cato:

Gibraltar - Malta - Alexandria, Egypt
Cape Town - Robben Island, South Africa - St Helena


Ascension - St Vincent, Cape Verde IslandsGreetsiel - Borkum, Germany - Fayal, Azores
Fayal, Azores - New York, USA


St Vincent, Cape Verde Islands - Madeira
Porthcurno, England - Madeira          
Ascension - Sierra Leone
Durban - Mauritius

Captain F.H. Price:

Mauritius - Rodriguez Is
Rodriguez Is - Cocos (Keeling) Islands

Captain J.E. Leach:

Bamfield - Fanning Island
Fanning Island - Suva, Fiji
Suva, Fiji - Anson Bay, Norfolk Island
Anson Bay, Norfolk Island - Southport, Australia
Anson Bay, Norfolk Island - Doubtless Bay,  New Zealand


Manila, Philippines - Guam
Midway - Honolulu, Hawaii


Captain W.R. Cato:

Repairs to Alexandria - Port Said cable

1901 Repairs to St. Vincent - Pernambuco cable

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