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History of the Atlantic Cable & Undersea Communications
from the first submarine cable of 1850 to the worldwide fiber optic network

CS Norderney / HMTS Alert (3)
by Bill Glover


Built 1915 by Howaldtswerke, Kiel

Length 233.00 ft  Breadth 34.4 ft.  Depth 17.5 ft  Gross tonnage 1460

CS Norderney at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, in 1919.

Norderney was built as an oil tanker for the German Navy and converted to a cable ship during WW1. Purchased by NSW in 1922 and refitted by Deutsche Werke, Rustringen. Handed over to the GPO after WW2 as war reparations for the loss of HMTS Alert (2) and HMTS Monarch (3). The vessel was renamed HMTS Alert (3) and remained in service until February 1960 when sold for scrap.

HMTS Alert (3) moored off Siemens Bros Works, Woolwich, 5 August 1957.


1924 Aldeburgh, England - Domberg, Holland
1925 Malaga, Spain - Isla Alhucemas, Morocco
1926 Warnemunde, Germany - Gedser, Denmark
1926 Cadiz, Spain - Tenerife
1947 Aldeburgh - Domberg 6 shore ends
1950 Inserted 4 repeaters in 1937 Aldeburgh - Domberg 4 cable
1951 Inserted 3 repeaters in 1937 Aldeburgh - Domberg 5 cable
1952 Inserted 3 repeaters in Dartmouth - Guernsey section of the 1938 Dartmouth - Guernsey - Jersey cable
1956 Replaced original 2 repeaters with 7 repeaters in Römo, Denmark - Leeuwarden, Holland 1950 cable

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