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History of the Atlantic Cable & Undersea Communications
from the first submarine cable of 1850 to the worldwide fiber optic network

1932 Dakar - Conakry No.2 Cable

These photographs depict the laying of the shore ends for the Dakar (Senegal) – Conakry (Guinea) system in November 1932 by CS Dominia. The cable was operated by the French P.T.T., and was later taken over by La Compagnie Française de Câbles Sous-Marins et de Radio. This company was formed when the two French commercial cable companies were nationalised, along with other communication companies.

Cable Ashore - Conakry
[Looks like small ships in background.
The main layer may be the ship on the horizon]

Cable being laid in trench - Conakry

Arrival of shore end at Dakar.
[Ship in background looks like the Dominia]

Overlapping with No 6 wires?
CS Dominia

Thanks to David Watson for supplying the photographs for this page. Although the cable manufacturer is unknown, David notes: "It may well be that TCM or SCL (Greenwich) had some involvement. The writing on the back of each photo is in the English language."

Background of Cable Manufacture at Greenwich:
The Telegraph Construction & Maintenance Company Limited (TCM or Telcon) became Submarine Cables Limited (SCL) became Standard Telephone and Cable Limited (STC).

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