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History of the Atlantic Cable & Undersea Communications
from the first submarine cable of 1850 to the worldwide fiber optic network

1926 Balboa - Santa Elena Cable
All America Cable Company

All America Review, June 1926

On May 5th the final splice was made in the BL-SL 1926 cable. This represents an addition of 770 nautical miles of cable to our present mileage.

Thisc cable was made by Siemens Bros. of London, and they started manufacturing it in December, 1925. It has a core of 130 pounds of copper and 130 pounds of gutta percha per nautical mile. This is served with a protection of jute, galvanized iron armor wires, and compound.

The C.S. Faraday brought the cable out from England on March 31, 1926, and arrived at Balboa on April 20th. The Balboa shore end was landed on April 24th; the Santa Elena shore end on April 30th; and the final splice was made on May 5th. The whole job was accepted by our Company on May 7th.

Mr. R.E. Bond was in London during the construction of the cable as our Company's representative, and he and Captain Taylor, Marine Superintendent, were present during the laying of the cable.

The cost of the whole operation was over £100,000

C.S. Faraday, which laid the new Bl-SL cable

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