History of the Atlantic Cable & Undersea Communications
from the first submarine cable of 1850 to the worldwide fiber optic network

John Seymour
Master Mariner
1841 - 1898 abt

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Voyage: 10 November 1890 - 08 December 1890.

S. S. Seine

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This page concerns John Seymour's 1890 voyage, as Master of the SS Seine, to Marstrand, Norway, to lay a submarine telegraph cable. The cable time-line page page records a cable: "1890. Newbiggin by the Sea, England - Marstrand, Sweden. Telcon? Great Northern Telegraph Co? System 503 nm."

Little material is presently available concerning this voyage. Contributions and suggestions are welcome.

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The ship and her crew

Ship Seine. ON 28736. Registered London: 148/1873.
Owner Registered managing owner: William Shuter, 38 Old Broad Street, London, England.
A voyage

from "London to marstrand, Norway and / or any ports or places within the limits of 75° North and 60° South latitude, the maximum time to be one year. trading in any [???], and to end in the United Kingdom, at a final port of discharge therein"



Ship's crew and personnel
Master John Seymour (34.778), previously "Same 1890".
Mate C Harvey (01.4886 oc), previously Seine 1890.
2 mate

P Rule (97.391 oc), previously Seine 1890.

3 mate [???], previously West Neath 1890.
4 mate J A Moses, previously McGarel 1890.
Navigator H J N Harrison, previously Seine 1890.
Surgeon E C Osborn, first ship.



Agreement and Account of Crew (Foreign-going ship):

November 1879. SS Kangaroo crew
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First two pages of the "Agreement and Account of Crew (Foreign-going ship)" for the 10 November 1890 - 08 December 1890 voyage of the cable-ship S S Seine, under Master John Seymour

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