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History of the Atlantic Cable & Undersea Communications
from the first submarine cable of 1850 to the worldwide fiber optic network

Henry M. Ash and CS Faraday (1)

Henry Morris Ash was born in Camden Town, London, on December 10th, 1850, the seventh of eight children of Sargeant Ash, a dentist, and Mary Ann Ash.

Details of Henry's family are shown here for the benefit of future researchers.

Name Birth Date
(and Death Date if known)
Birthplace Relationship
Sargeant Ash
Listed in business directories of 1856-60 as a ‘Mechanical Dentist’ at 15 Old Crompton Street and 70 Harmood Street, Hampstead
25 Mar 1810 -
25 Aug 1866
(died in Dublin)
St James, Middlesex Head
Mary Ann Ash, née Goldsmith c. 1812 Anns, Middlesex Wife
Mary Ann Jane Ash baptized
18 Dec 1836
Marylebone, Middlesex Daughter
Edward Sarjeant Ash 20 Apr 1838 -
23 May 1899
Marylebone, Middlesex Son
Lydia Sarah Ash 2 Feb 1840 St Pancras, Middlesex Daughter
Frederick Claudius Ash 9 Sep 1842 -
17 Apr 1920
St Pancras, Middlesex Son
Alfred William Ash 14 Nov 1844 St Pancras, Middlesex Son
Martha Matilda Ash 25 Aug 1847 St Pancras, Middlesex Daughter
Henry Morris Ash born at 70 Harmood St, Camden, London NW1, married Mary Ann Aust in 1877, moved to 53 Willes Rd., NW5 by 1881. 10 Dec 1850.
Died 10 Feb 1945 at Brighton, aged 94
St Pancras, Middlesex Son
George Samuel Ash 4 Jan 1859 St Pancras, Middlesex Son

Birth Index: District: Pancras (1837-1901), County: London, Middlesex, first quarter 1851, volume 1, page 345.
Census of England and Wales, 1851 - 1901.
England & Wales, Death Index: 1837-1983, first quarter 1945, volume 2 b, page 439.

Russell Ash supplied many of the birth and death dates, and Doug Ash narrowed down the date of Henry's death. Sadly, Russell Ash died in 2010 and his site is no longer live; an archived partial copy of his family history page is available.

David Ash had an extensive genealogy of the Ash family on his site Ash of Cannock, now defunct (although remnants may be viewed at

Stewart Ash (no relation) adds the following details on earlier members of the family:

Henry Ash's grandfather was also Sargent Edward, married to Jane.
His great-grandfather was born in 1754 and died in 1820; he was buried in St Luke’s, Chelsea, on 29 Sept 1820. He is listed in the 1818-20 poll books as a silversmith and then as a jeweller.

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