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History of the Atlantic Cable & Undersea Communications
from the first submarine cable of 1850 to the worldwide fiber optic network

Henry M. Ash - Sketches


Note: These sketches of the East Sussex countryside were made in August 1880. The locations are all on England's south coast near Hastings.

See also Henry Ash's 1888 sketches made in the same area.

--Bill Burns
Ecclesbourne, Hollington, Hastings, Fairlight, St Andrew's Gardens

Fishing Boats at Hastings. Early Morning.

Moonlight on the Sea. Hastings.

Rock-a-Nore. Hastings.

The Fishermens Quarters. Hastings.
From the Rocks on the Beach

Hastings from the East Hill

St. Leonards Marina

St. Leonards from the Pier

The Path to the Glen. Fairlight.

Fairlight Valley. Looking West.

The Cliffs at Fairlight Looking East

Cliffs End near Fairlight

Ecclesbourne Valley

The sketch above shows the Coastguard cottages at Ecclesbourne.
Compare the location with this postcard from 1905, below:

Postcard image courtesy of Flickr user drew_anywhere
under Creative Commons Attribution license

This next postcard is postmarked 1959, and shows
the buildings perilously close to the dliff edge:

Postcard image courtesy of Flickr user Phil Sellens
under Creative Commons Attribution license

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