Gillian Cookson's Telegraphy Bibliography

Reproduced by kind permission of Dr. Cookson, co-author of:

A Victorian Scientist and Engineer:
Fleeming Jenkin and the Birth of Electrical Engineering

and author of
The Cable: The Wire That Changed The World

Author Publisher Subject Title Journal Vol Pages Topic Source/notes Date
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Adley, Charles C. Calcutta sub Anglo-Indian Telegraphs           Calc 1854
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Andrews, H.H.   co English Electric Co., 1883-1950           nk
Anon F.E.Bording   The Great Northern Telegraph Company: an outline of the company's history, 1869-1969         Cable and Wireless archives. Copenhagen, 1969
Anon     Criticism of H.M.Field's history of the Atlantic cable Southern Review   49-50   Coates and Finn. Sept 96 July 1867
Anon     Postal Telegraphs Edinburgh Review ?269 209-49     July 1870
Anon Eastern Telegraph Co Ltd   International Telegraphs: Statistics: submarine cables of the world, telegraph and cable companies         Cable and Wireless archives. London, 1902
Anon NY   The Atlantic Telegraph: an authentic history of that great work: with biographies, maps, etc         Dedicated to Field. Reference from list in Ronalds library, IEE. nd
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Atlanticus   sub Plans for depositing the Electric Telegraph on the bed of the Atlantic Ocean         Not at IEE a 1858
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