History of the Atlantic Cable & Undersea Communications
from the first submarine cable of 1850 to the worldwide fiber optic network

Site Changes 2020
8 December

Added page on a newly discovered “Laying the Atlantic Cable” badge

16 November

Added details of Francis Herbert Trethewey's employment with the Eastern Telegraph Company (1902-1945) and his service on CS Sherard Osborn

5 November

Added further details to the page on Jacques Babinet, who believed that the Atlantic cable would never work

29 September

Added 1869 James Wyld “Map of the Atlantic Telegraph Communications between France, England & America

20 September

Added page From Sheerness to Valentia - reporting on the first part of the 1866 Great Eastern expedition, by J.C. Parkinson, Special Correspondent of the London Daily News

10 September

Added details of the 1874 renewal of the 1861 Beachy Head - Dieppe cable

8 September

Added information on Simplex and TAT-1 (1955)

14 August

Added page on Cables and Core Sections, 1875-1912

19 July

Added the true story of the 1850 Dover-Calais cable purportedly hauled up by a French fisherman and described as “rare seaweed, with its centre filled with gold

19 July

Added obituary of Jacob Brett

20 June

Added Jeffrey Kieve's 1973 book “The Electric Telegraph: A Social and Economic History.” This key history of the British telegraph industry is now available as a free PDF download courtesy of Mr Kieve’s family.

29 May

Added transcription of part two of John Deane’s diary of the 1866 Atlantic Telegraph expedition. This describes the landing of the shore end of the 1866 cable at Heart’s Content, and the recovery and completion of the lost 1865 cable.

25 May

Added a detailed list and directory of documents published on board Great Eastern during the 1865 and 1866 Atlantic cable expeditions, 186 pages of documents in all.

5 May Added St. John's, Newfoundland, as a Port of Call for Transatlantic Steamers: A pamphlet published by Cyrus Field in February 1856 to provide a financial analysis of the benefits to transatlantic shipping of making port at St John's, where telegraph messages could be sent between Newfoundland and New York over the new Cabot Strait cable.
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