History of the Atlantic Cable & Undersea Communications
from the first submarine cable of 1850 to the worldwide fiber optic network

Site Changes 2019
6 October Added The Telegraph Jubilee: A two-page story published in the New-York Daily Tribune on 18 August 1858 about the unofficial celebrations for the successful completion of the 1858 Atlantic cable.
5 October Added The Atlantic Telegraph: A report published in the USA by Cyrus Field in June 1857 to answer questions on the upcoming cable
5 October Added The Future of Transoceanic Telephony - article by Dr. Oliver E. Buckley, President of Bell Telephone Laboratories with an early discussion of repeatered telephone cables across the Atlantic
6 September Added new Cable Story: An insight into life on board CS John W. Mackay in late 1947 via details of an officer’s expenses during a four month expedition.
8 July Added album of 1920s Siemens Brothers Woolwich factory photographs
7 July Added article on the 1924 Anglo-Dutch telephone cable
7 July Added new Cable Story: James Barrowman: Cable & Wireless, Fiji 1969
16 June Added new material to the 1858 Atlantic Cable Albums page
25 March Added new Cable Story: John Rattenbury and HMS Lasso, 1947
25 March Added updates on the restoration of Enderby House, the historic building on the site of the Telegraph Construction & Maintenance Company, which made cables on the Thames at Greenwich for over a hundred years
28 February Added text of the Charter of the New York, Newfoundland & London Telegraph Company (1854)
13 February Added photos of mounted cable section to the TAT-2 page
9 February Added souvenir of Theodore Roosevelt’s round-the-world message to the 1903 Commercial Pacific Cable page, together with details of the different cables used on the route
1 February Added 1915 article on the Western Telegraph Company
29 January Added notes and images from Collan Bawden Brett's early-1900s service on CS Henry Holmes
24 January Added 1902 article On Board a Cable Hospital about CS Minia and cable repairs
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The background image on this page is taken from the
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